Happy Clients

A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.
— John Wooden

What can I say about Coach Leslie besides the fact that she is amazing?! She coached me on workout habits and boy do I need that. I'm the type of person that requires motivation in order to stay goal focused and she gives me just that. Even with baby steps she is so upbeat and encouraging. I don't know how she does it but she seems to know exactly what I need and when I need it. Some days are really hard but her positivity is contagious and I feel so lucky to have her in my life. She certainly has made me a better person inside and out!

— penny v


Coach Leslie is super encouraging and her check ins are perfect.”

— Christy G

Leslie coached me on mindset makeover! I was able to move from beating myself up for not accomplishing EVERYTHING on my daily to-do list for work to appreciating the little things I accomplished throughout my day and realizing that it’s ok to let some things wait! This has helped me get through my days with MUCH less stress, just by changing one thought process. Leslie was very encouraging along the way, even with set backs! Her small- step approach made the mind-set change easy to make!

— amanda b

Leslie is a phenomenal coach! She is very solution focused and optimistic. I would recommend her for anyone wanting to see results!

— Stephanie W

My greatest challenge with losing weight and staying on track, is accountability. So, when I signed up with Leslie on coach me, I let her know that was my need. She has a way of keeping you accountable in a gentle and encouraging way. She stays in contact daily, offering advice on ways to stay on track with meal plans, (and help creating meal plans if needed) water intake, exercise schedule, etc. She is never belittling, always uplifting and makes you feel like you can achieve goals you set forth. I was coached by Leslie for four weeks, and during that time, I lost weight and stayed on track with my exercise, and my meal plan (for the most part). If you are considering coach me, Leslie is your girl!! You will not be disappointed. She is amazing

— mershara L


I call her “The Encourager”. Giving me great exercise advice and leading me to eat healthier.

— Becky C

“Leslie has coached me as I have worked my way towards my weight loss goal. Along the way, she has been pivotal in helping me realize that I need to redefine the way I approach my relationship with food, being more mindful about why, when and what I eat. Leslie has got a great blend of encouragement and gentle prodding to get me to think about how I can change my habits. Highly recommend her as a weight loss coach to anyone!”

— mike H

She taught me to never give up and to keep going.

— Julie G

Leslie’s positive energy and encouragement makes her a true inspiration to all!

— peggy f