How to Fuel Your Wellness Process with Passion

You know how we do.  We are always looking toward tomorrow for some better place, some new thrill, some utopia that we believe is over the rainbow out there.   We say things like...

”I’ll be so happy when I lose 10 pounds!” and “I can’t wait until I can keep up with the instructor in my cycling class!”

We get so caught up in this that we can’t see what awesome things are going on right around us...even as we think these longing thoughts.

I did this myself recently after coming back from vacation.  I had those post vacation blues. I was feeling sad that it was over and dreading going back to the “reality” of my day to day living.  That funk stayed with me for a solid two days before I caught myself.

I realized that my dissatisfaction was causing me unhappiness now and planting seeds for more resentment in the future.  And I was also bringing down the people around me by being in a funky mood.

I realized that I have to remain happy about my process, even when it hasn’t gotten me to my desired product yet.

There are three things that you have to remember before you can value your process enough to understand why you should approach it with passion.  

  • Your process is where you’ll spend most of your time.  The product of that process is just a brief stop along the way.

  • Your process is where you’ll find everything of value.  What you learn in your daily tasks builds the foundation for everything that lies ahead.

  • How you handle the process will define both you and your future results.

Getting what you want depends on what you do with what’s in front of your right now!  So hopefully now you see the importance of bringing your focus back to your present and your process.  Now let’s talk about how to infuse your wellness process with passion!

One - Find and pursue a wellness practice you enjoy.

If you haven’t been feeling passionate about your wellness process, the first thing you need to do is evaluate what led you to do what you are doing.  

Are you taking a swimming class cause that’s how your coworker got fit?  But you hate swimming tho…

Are you running on the treadmill cause that’s what everyone is doing at the gym?  But you like to run outside tho…

Find a practice that you enjoy and you’ll find it easy to be passionate and excited about it.   It will become fun and you’ll look forward to engaging in it each time.

Two - Seek out the value in what you are doing.

Every step you take builds on the one before it.  You learn something from each one. You gain strength both mentally and physically each time you practice.  Train yourself to stop and take notice of what’s happening while you work.

Yes, those extra reps of bicep curls are burning like a moe foe, but that burn is building strength and burning calories that will continue long after you’re done with the set.

That bowl of oatmeal may not give you the quick fix of a donut’s sugar high, but the energy you’ll gain from a smart carb versus a silly one will sustain you in both fullness and energy long after your donut sugar high crashes and leaves your stomach on empty again.

Three - Celebrate the small wins.

Success fuels progress.  The more you see yourself winning, the more driven you are to win.  Take your big goals and make them small...bite sized. Then celebrate with a small but meaningful reward that will keep you coming back for more.

Hit your water goal for the day?  Share your accomplishment with your friend, accountability partner, or your coach so they can sing your praises.  

Crushed a kick butt workout at the gym?  Relax for a few minutes in the steam room before you head home.

Four - Count today’s blessings

Grab a pen and paper and take a minute or two to jot down things in your life that you are happy about or grateful for right now.  If you’re mind is rejecting the fact that you have something to be grateful for, take it down to basics. There is always something to be grateful for.  We aren’t always so good at giving focus to those things, so try to make this a daily practice.

I’m grateful for the pound I lost this week.

I’m grateful that I maintained my current weight.

I’m happy that I completed my first cardio kickboxing class.

I’m happy that I skipped the cupcakes in the break room today.

Five - Get excited about blessings you haven’t seen yet.

This one is going to take some imagination and deliberate practice on your part, but can make a major difference in your mood and your success rate.  You have to believe that good things are coming your way no matter what your current situation is. And suddenly, good things will come.

I’m so thankful that I will reach my goal weight in the next 6 months!

I’m super excited that soon I’ll be wearing my pre pregnancy jeans again!

I’m so glad that it won’t be long before I no longer crave ice cream after dinner every night!

If you want to start feeling good about your process you have to redefine your relationship with it.   It’s not your adversary. It’s not a wall you need to break through, or a mountain you need to climb.

Your process is your guide, your’s actually your friend.  The sooner you start to treat it as such, the faster you’ll get to where you want to go.  Because now you’ll be pulling together instead of apart. And that pulling together will mean you’ll struggle less because you’ve turned your adversary into a partner in your quest for wellness and the best version of you!

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