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I understand the struggle

Have you ever felt trapped in or betrayed by your own body?  You find yourself facing a version of you wish you didn't know?

That's exactly how I felt after putting on 60+ extra pounds after having babies. 

  • I felt uncomfortable in my own skin

  • I stayed out of pictures

  • AND I ended up with high blood pressure

I was unhappy with what I saw and very frightened about having high blood pressure after being in great health my entire life.

Since then, I've been on a mission to achieve mind, body, and spiritual wellness.  Over the years I've made changes to my activity level, what I eat, and how I think (very important).  With time, and persistent effort, I was able to loose the weight and keep it off for about 5 years now.

While I was feeling good about my personal achievements, I found that I felt I felt the best when I helped others achieve their own goals by sharing what I've learned on my own journey.  That lead me to becoming a group fitness instructor, meditation guide, and health coach. 

I believe that my purpose is to be an amplifier for women in pursuit of their goals.  I'm in this for you because I know that your purpose matters!  The longer and stronger you live, the more of your purpose you'll be able to give to the world. 

I fulfill my purpose by being an advocate for health and fitness.  I believe that small steps are the key to mastering your mind and body.  Once you do this, you can face any challenge on the road to fulfilling your purpose.

My wellness journey continues, but it's not just about me anymore!  I'm here to help you bridge the gap between where you are today and your ultimate wellness goals.   I'll do this by helping you analyze your beliefs about health and fitness so you can line up your behaviors with your goals. 

Together we'll chart a course to your success... one small step at a time.   I can't wait to watch you win!!